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There is only one carpet cleaning company in Stanmore that deserves your unreserved confidence as it provides the best quality services in the entire city. Carpet Cleaning Stanmore is a family firm with a long and successful history in this sphere. Now it serves all parts of Stanmore, even the outermost. Hospitals, offices, schools, kindergartens and private homes are just some examples of the variety of customers we serve. Our clients use the 24-hours emergency service as we work non stop, without days off. We have the ideal team of trained professionals who can handle any situation. They go to regular trainings and are prepared for any situation that may come up. It is interesting to know that our phone assistants are also prepared to provide an emergency help for you as they attend customers’ visits along with expert cleaners and follow strictly the process of deep carpet cleaning. During this procedure only safe detergents are being used as we believe that your family should e protected from the dangerous effects of toxic chemicals, which are being used more and more often. The use of harmful products can result in allergies, rashes, respiratory problems and other health issues. That is why we apply only eco-friendly preparations which will safe your family, pets and also – the environment. According to research, toxic chemicals and soap powders are some of the greatest pollutants for the environment. Another very important reason why to choose our carpet cleaning business in Stanmore is that we have the most modern and highly expensive equipment which will guarantee to you remarkable results. You can have all of these things for a very decent price. So do not waste more time and give us a call. We are ready to help you improve the look of your favorite carpet which will make the entire atmosphere in your home more satisfying.Steam carpet cleaning

Single bedroom £40 £20
Living room £60 £30
3 seat sofa £80 £40
Single mattress /both side/ £40 £20
Car full interior upholstery from £118 from £59

Why carpet manufacturers recommend professional carpet cleaning to be used once or twice a year?

Carpet manufacturers, as the people who know best what is necessary for keeping the carpets and rugs in beautiful shape, recommend professional carpet cleaning one or two times a year. Most people prefer these two times to be in the spring and again during autumn. There are basically two major types for improving the condition and bringing back the colors of the floor coverings – steam carpet cleaning and dry carpet cleaning. Steam carpet cleaning is also known as high-pressure hot water extraction method which is very popular nowadays. It contains several simple steps which disinfect the carpet and kill all the bacteria, living on it. It is the only method which cleans the carpet in depth and reaches such places which cannot be cleaned by using dry cleaning method. The second method we mentioned also give excellent results and is used for specific textiles on which steam cannot be applied. It does not need special trainings of the person who operates with this method and after finishing the procedure, the carpet is dry and you can use it at the very same moment. While this cannot happen with steam carpet cleaning where 12-14 hours are needed for completely drying the piece.

Regular vacuum cleaning is absolutely necessary if you want to keep the carpet in excellent condition. However, it is not enough. Even if you vacuum the carpet every day, you will remove only the visible dirt, but you won’t clean the bacteria, allergens, dirt, dust, mold and other disgusting things that can be found in anyone’s carpet. These problems can be solved only with the use of professional carpet cleaning services in Stanmore and Carpet Cleaning Stanmore guarantees you the best results which you cannot accomplish by yourself.

Areas Covered:HA7,HA8,HA9,HA11,HA5

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